Winnipeg Puppet Slam has had a rich history of contributing artists. Many have gotten their start with the slam and have gone on to illustrious careers in theatre. The following is a list of current Slam artists.

Curtis Wiebe of Second hand pants:

Curtis has been attached to Winnipeg Puppet Slam since its inception. The picture above is of his recent work: the animatronic Haunted Thrift Shop Band. The musical masterwork is part of a build and performance documentary.

Estee Taylor of Jazz on a String:

Estee is an accomplished marionette puppeteer. Her beautiful characters sing, play instruments and dance. Even her piano gets in on the action.

Danny Powell:

Danny is a shadow puppetry artist. He creates stories through intricate cuts in paper. Characters and backdrops evoke a distinctive atmosphere in his works which are also rich in pop culture humour.

Cody Creed of Creed Statuary:

Cody is a living statue. He creates traditional hand puppets and works to disappear as his puppets perform improvised interactions with his audience.